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Frequently Asked Questions

Dillon Road Storage is dedicated to providing the best storage and moving services for your needs. Below are the answers to many of our most commonly asked questions. If you have any questions that are not answered below, please feel free to contact us and speak with one of our self-storage specialists.

Do I need to sign a long-term lease?

No, all of our rental agreements are month-to-month. While we give you the option to pay for future months, this is not required of you.

Will you provide me with a lock?

No, you are responsible for providing your own lock. However, Dillon Road Storage offers various styles of locks for sale at a reasonable price.

What day of the month do I owe rent?

Your rent is due on or before the monthly anniversary of the date on which you signed your contract.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit or debit cards, eChecks, money orders, personal or business checks, and cash. You may call or visit our office in person, pay online, or mail your check. For your convenience, we also offer the option to set up your credit/debit card for automatic payments.

Is there an option to prorate my unit?

Yes, we do offer the option to prorate your unit. After your first month renting with us, if you only require a portion of the next monthly period, we will charge you the daily rate for a previously agreed upon amount of time; all we ask is that you give us seven days notice prior to the date your rent is due. 

Am I required to have insurance?

Yes, there is an insurance requirement in our rental agreement. We provide two options for insuring your goods. If you have contacted your insurance agent and have confirmed that your stored goods are covered under your homeowners or renters policy, simply provide us with your agent's name, phone number, deductible amount, and policy number. If items away from your primary residence are not covered under your homeowners or renters policy, we provide a month-to-month Safestor® self-storage* insurance with various coverage limits and rates.

If you so request to have the insurance requirement waived, it must be acknowledged on the rental agreement that there will be no burden or responsibility of liability placed on Dillon Road Storage for your goods.

*For more information regarding Safestor®, please call us or visit:

Are there any restrictions as to what I can store?

Yes, there are legal restrictions by which all self-storages must abide. Some include: hazardous/combustible materials, animals or animal products, perishable foods, marijuana in any form, illegal or stolen items, and plants.

Please, for the sake of all our tenants, DO NOT STORE FOOD OR PLANT SEEDS! We do our absolute best to keep the facility free from rodents, but even one unit containing food or plant seeds will invite pestilent rodent activity.